Hello and welcome! My name is Santo Ciaravino, and this is my official personal blog. This is my online hub, where I post my various works, my insights, and other things I feel are worth sharing here.

A little bit about myself… I’m a guy from Long Island, NY, and I love to create things. I especially like to write, draw, and design games.

I have been a part of the Furry community since 2002 (all my life before that), so you will notice a lot of my work bears that influence (pardon the pun). Being a Furry has brought me to a great corner of my life with great experiences and great people, so I take it with pride when I make my related work.

I also have a deep and profound respect for revolution-era nationalism. I do believe in the importance of national identity worldwide, how much it has had a driving force in shaping our world, and having pride with it (of course in the most pacifist and welcoming way possible). Most of my political affirmations and work may stem from this .

The kind of things that I post here are varied. This blog functions as a place to post about myself, the things I will discuss, ideas I have, an archive of different things I made or received, etc. I felt that a blog is a good thing to put forward and share these sorts of things. And what better way to do it by putting my works together in a nice, large, editable electronic book on the web like this one? I crafted this blog to work like a personal magazine, where I put together my posts in specific categories for you the viewer to check out.

Love it or hate it, this is SantoZine, ready to go!

Thank you for visiting my site!

~Santo C.