I decided to start writing a list of all my maxims into some kind of document.


  1. Love yourself. Never loathe yourself. Do not entertain ideas of self-destruction. Doing so makes the work of the evils in this world less rigorous without your resistance, and spoils your own platform to bring the better for this world.
  2. Accept responsibility for that only which you are involved. Not everything is because of you.
  3. Be strong in being yourself. Do not bow down to expectations you have no say in.
  4. Question everything. Never be afraid to think for yourself.
  5. See the glass already broken. Do not hold high expectations.
  6. Do not hate your earlier works of creation. It is the formation of your becoming. Doing so puts forth a constant sense of inadequacy.


  1. Do not loathe or speak ill of humanity. This disgraces the value of yourself, those you love, and the innocent, as species native to Earth. You indirectly commend those who slaughtered lives if you see humanity as a plague.
  2. Do not encourage others to commit self-destruction, lest you become an accomplice in justifying their decision.
  3. Present yourself with courtesy among strangers. You never know if someone you’d normally dismiss could save your life.
  4. As the child shall honor their parents in their discipline, so shall the parents honor their child in their path into becoming the next adult.
  5. Never be the first to instigate a wrong. Let they who are weaker in character cast the first stone, and your defenses shall be justified.
  6. Do not murder. Taking life should only be the work of Mother Nature.
  7. Do not rape. It is a ruination of bodily sovereignty.
  8. Do not steal. It is the equivalent of dismembering someone’s ability to enjoy life.
  9. Do not slander, libel, or bear false witness. Any wrongful testimony could ruin someone’s life, including yours.
  10. Always put your agreements in writing. If possible, get an exact duplicate of your signature; never a secondhand.
  11. Always honor your agreements. Never accept what you cannot uphold.


  1. That which is taken from common ownership, for gains public or private, should be properly compensated back to the common owners, to make up for the losses incurred.
  2. Use any form of cash-back incentives. Use as many as possible, in the best numerically-logical way possible to get the most gains possible. Use it on all expenditures you cross, and pay them off in full at all times.
  3. A business should be free to choose its customers, so long as not a single fragment of public money financed it.


  1. Do not leave the lid of a food or drink container open. Preserve its freshness.
  2. Do not stand close to an entryway until you absolutely do go through it.
  3. Let the other person finish what they say. That interruption is the equivalent of swinging a bat at a baseball that hasn’t reached home plate yet.
  4. Never smoke indoors unless it is intended to be smoking-friendly.


  1. Do not endorse prohibition or censorship. They are to be scorned to the fullest. How would you like it if something you loved and cherished, that brought a semblance of peace and joy to your life, was confiscated or abolished? The window of human thought must always remain clear, for anything hidden can harm intellectually, if not physically.
  2. Imperialism is tyranny. Nationalism is liberty. No nation should ever control another’s sovereignty, culture, and resources. Why not have them be customers?
  3. A warrior should never fight with two swords. Always have a shield by your side, lest you work twice as hard to defend yourself.
  4. If you plan on using recreational substances, use only that which is in its natural forms; never that which is artificially refined for strength.
  5. Race does not exist. It is irrelevant to the many cultures that share these perceived “races”, but are obviously different enough, even so much as to hate each other.
  6. Do not endorse cruel and unusual punishments. As nature was responsible for giving one life, it shall be the only one responsible for taking it back.


  1. It is said that a ship in harbor is safe, though it never reaches a destination; but even a ship in harbor collects barnacles and breaks down with age unless properly maintained.
  2. There is no “safer” or “healthy” alternative for destructive habits like smoking. Only “less damaging”.
  3. Always carry a knife.
  4. It is never the fault of an object, but the abuse of it, that causes problems. Never blame the object; only the person choosing to abuse it.


  1. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
  2. When it rains, it pours.
  3. Make love, not war, prepare for both.
  4. Respect is everything.
  5. Even trusted friends are capable of betrayal.