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My Principles

A short and sweet list of all my small rules and habits to guide by. This will update as necessary.

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Fellow readers,

I know I hardly post here. It doesn’t mean that I’m entirely gone, though. It’s just that I have life matters in the way as well.

That being said, I plan to renovate this blog. I already began with much smaller tweaks. But very soon, I’ll have reorganized categories, deleted or edited posts and where they belong, etc. The other thing I noticed is how much change the WordPress website went through that I now have to adapt and make sure I’m streamlined.

Essentially, I’m going to try and turn this blog into my main website, and do my damnest to organize it as both, a library of all my written work, and as a platform to the world representing me at the core.

The site I originally used is now out of commission. For some reason, I can’t close the website or my account 100%, so it’s considered abandoned. This is the page to be at now.

So, in a nutshell: I’m renovating this site. And of course it will take a long time because I have a lot of material to rummage through, in between life’s follies.

Jah bless, gang! :]


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